Rapid diagnosis of sepsis
using lateral flow

Innovative in vitro diagnostics

Our mission

The company’s mission is to develop and commercialise diagnostic innovations based on the biology of nucleases. The nucleases of interest are enzymes produced by bacteria and cancer cells that act by breaking down nucleic acid chains in a specific way and that are present in the foci of infections and tumours. These enzymes help to eliminate the remains of very immunogenic nucleic acids that are released by tissue destruction. In this way, bacteria and tumours mitigate the attack of the immune system.


The technological opportunity represented by SOMAprobes takes advantage of these nucleases as diagnostic markers to develop rapid in vitro diagnostic tests. In addition to being detectable by immunoassay or by molecular techniques, nucleases can be detected by their activity on nucleic acid probes. These probes can be synthesised so that, upon digestion by specific nucleases, they release a detectable signal that can vary depending of the type of reporter molecules used. This approach provides great versatility to the design of diagnostic tests, giving rise to new uses and differential properties.

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Paseo Mikeletegi, 83 - 3ª planta,20009 Donostia, Spain Phone. +34 943041379

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