Novel contrast agents
for early stage diagnostics!

Innovative Diagnostics

About us

Somaprobes provides solutions for unmet clinical needs. We bring our passion and expertise to the service of people´s health. Our technology promises fast and reliable detection of life threatening diseases that are very difficult to diagnose by conventional methods. We are dedicated to save every life at a time, by helping the doctors and health care personnel with the best tools for rapid decision making.


We offer activatable contrast agents for MRI detection of bacterial pathogens at the onset of infectious disease such as, bone infections (osteomyelitis) and prosthetic joint infections. Our team has extensive expertise in probe design and in vitro/in vivo validation. We can closely work with you to offer customized probes for your needs, for research or preclinical studies.

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Paseo Mikeletegi, 83 - 3ª planta, 20009 Donostia, Spain Phone. +34 943000999 Ext. 129